Remote Generator Monitoring

Lite Generator Monitoring

Lite Generator Monitoring

  • Rugged IP64-Rated Enclosure
  • GPS
  • Five Digital Input Ports (two are user-configurable)
  • Tru-Batt™ Reporting (reports the generators true battery level without the battery charger)
Software, Messaging & Website


  • Power Status Report
  • Facility Power Status Report
  • Generator Status Report
    ○ Stopped
    ○ Running – Exercise Mode
    ○ Running – Outage Mode
  • ON / OFF Engine Events Report
  • Accumulated Run-Hours Report
  • Battery Problem Report
  • Alternator Problem Report
  • Faults Status Report (up to two user-specified fault events)
  • Service Due Reminder
  • Failure to Exercise Notifications
  • Daily Heartbeat Messages
  • Sends “Activity-Based” update messages
  • Web-based ‘ping’ commands (users can collect real-time updates at any time)
  • Website can send real-time Alert Notifications sent as text messages and/or email messages
  • Website supports User Account Privileges
  • Website includes various “Search” and “Sort” Capabilities
  • Website Reports include
    ○ Daily Utilization Reports
    ○ Weekly / Monthly Utilization Reports
    ○ Detailed Utilization Reports including distinct summaries for Exercise Operations and for Outage Operations (these reports satisfy the California ARB emissions reporting requirements)
Pro Generator Monitoring

Pro Generator Monitoring

  • Includes All Lite Generator Monitoring Features
  • Internal Backup Battery optionally available (provides 6+ hours of operation if the generator battery should fail)
  • A total of seven digital input ports are provided (four are user-configurable)
  • Fuel Level Sensor optionally available
Software, Messaging & Website
  • Fuel Level is reported on the website
  • User-initiated Remote Start/Stop Capabilities are available via the website
  • Automatic, pre-scheduled Remote Start/Stop operations are also available via the website (the Ayantra unit can operate as an Exercise Timer)