Repair Services

Emergency Electrical Repair Services & Authorized Warranty Repair

Emergency Electrical Repair Services, Authorized Warranty Repairs & Technical Field Support, either in-house or at your location for Electric Motor Repair, Generator Repair, Welder & Welding Machine Repair, Pump Repair Services, Air Compressor Repair, Electrical Rewind Repair Services, and more.

Authorized Warranty Stations for major manufacturers
√ 24/7/365 Emergency Service Support, Repair & Preventative Maintenance Programs
√ In-House Electrical Repair & Electrical Field Repair Services available

AC & DC Electric Motor Repair Services & Warranty

  • Service & Repair up to 5,000 HP
  • Domestic & Foreign Motors
  • U.L. re-labeling of explosion proof motors
  • Shaft Modifications & Repair
  • Rewinding (Rewind any size or shape)
  • Double dip motors 50 HP & over
  • Dynamic Balancing

Electrical Rewind Repair Services

  • Manufacture new form if needed
  • Encapsulate as required
  • Re-design winding data
  • All rewinds with class F Motor Insulation & Inverter-Duty Motor Wire

Drives Repair Services

  • Service all brands

Welder & Welding Machine Repair

  • Engine repairs
  • Large parts inventory
  • Load testing

Electromagnetic Repair Services

  • Rewind to OEM Specifications
  • Encapsulate

Gearbox Repair Services

  • Repair worn shafts & bearing housings
  • Analyze oil if needed

Generator Repair Service

  • Gas and diesel engine repairs
  • Complete generator rewind service
  • Large parts inventory
  • Load testing

Pump Repair Services & Warranty

  • Re-build to original specifications
  • Machine replacement parts
  • Submersible pumps & multi-stage pumps
  • Convert from packing to mechanical seal

Transformer Maintenance Repair

  • Dry Transformer Maintenance & Rewind Repair Services
  • Transformer Oil Analysis

Plasma Cutters Services & Repairs

  • Service all brands

Induction Coil Service & Repairs

  • Re-build & pressure test
  • Manufacture replacement coils to your specifications

Dynamic Balancing Service and Repairs

  • Balance rotors, fans, shafts, sheaves and flywheels
  • Balance up to 8000 pounds
  • Computer generated reports

Commercial Brakes & Clutch Services

  • Service or Rebuild to OEM specifications

Battery Service, Repair & Maintenance

  • Service & Repair all brands